Mobile Apps

Connect with your customers on the move

Our mobile apps are designed with a simple philosophy in mind - we believe that information, in the right hands, has the power to change. We specialise in bespoke mobile app development that puts the user first and delivers life-enhancing digital experiences.

We recognise that in the digital age, technology is in a state of constant evolution. We help businesses navigate this ever-changing landscape and plot a path to help you grow and succeed. Our multi-award winning mobile apps for iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android devices have delivered time and again for users and organisations alike.


Build once, deploy effectively. Our solutions are built for multi platforms ready for each app store.


We plan all routes through your app and review them thoroughly. Let your customers gain trust in your app with our pro-active homework.


iOS / Android development as standard. For the best speed results we can build native applications ready to go with the app stores.

We deliver. Fast

We are known for our speed and fast progression. This not only makes us more cost efficient but allows you to faster evaluate concepts and shorten overall time to market. This could be testing your initial concept through a 5 day sprint, building a realistic prototype, integrating with your existing IT system, or developing a fully-fledged app.

10 Days

From strategy to app prototype for a location based voucher app

8 Weeks

Developing a full ocr receipt scanning prototype

3 Months

Creating a global video platform similar to vimeo

React Native

React Native sets a new standard of cross platform mobile app development. If you're are trying to reach a greater market, and trying to maintain your mobile apps standard by keeping it's performance sharp, then React Native is for you.

Cordova PhoneGap

We are well versed in detailed Cordova / Phonegap mobile phone applications. Including bespoke features like:

  • Face recognition
  • OCR - Text recognition
  • Video Playback and distribution

Cordova allows us to integrate the phone features with ready made plugins to speed up build times of your application. We can also write our own Cordova Plugins to enhance speed and provide bespoke features.

iOS / Android

Apple's iOS and Google's Android are operating systems that are used primarily in mobile technology, such as smartphones and tablets.

  • iOS Designed for use with Apple's multi-touch devices, the mobile OS supports input through direct manipulation.
  • Android which was developed by Google, is designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices.
  • The most crucial part is to analyze the components that differentiate these two platforms and keep them in mind when thinking of the app for your business.

Our Recent Apps

Mobile apps we've recently delivered for local and international clients

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