Entity Framework Optimisation

December 18, 2016

Entity 3 Performance Improvements

Over the last few days we've spent a bunch of time optimising our already performant framework.

Our framework allows us to create bespoke and detailed web applications that are cross platform and quick to deliver.

The problem with ever increasing features is that it's size is ever increasing as well.

Our aim was to deliver the entire framework with less overhead than the industry standard jQuery, and today we have reached that goal.

jQuery, without any plugins sits in at ~250 KB (82 KB minified) and our goal was to reach under the minified versions size.

More than just DOM

Our framework offers a huge host of features as we are providing a full end to end solution. Just to name some of the main features, we have:

  • Browser / Server communications
  • Inheritance of custom controls
  • Full Input Control suite
  • Inline editing for features such as the CMS
  • TWIG / LESS / Simplified Javascript Layer for fast object building

This meant that we were asking a lot with our goal. Our framework is much more than a DOM manipulation and animation library.

Today we reached that goal, including Zepto and an average web app all running comes to under 80 KB. This is including all the CSS and Javascript layers. When coupling this with the already optimised PHP layer, it means we have response times of less than 30ms.

New Features

We have also introduced lazy loading, and the full Zepto suite of DOM tools, which actually accounts for more than 50% of the frameworks weight unfortunately.

You can check out our latest website to use the framework at:


With more coming soon... We'll keep you posted!