Ulterium Ltd

Software development team specialising in web and mobile applications.


Mobile App Development

We have several iOS and Android apps deployed providing services across the globe

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Time Lapse Photography

Bringing a fresh eye to your digital content

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We have purpose built time tested frameworks already in place to help you hit the ground running.

From advanced web applications, to polished designs and instant deploying architectures we have invested our time so that you don't have too.

This reduces your time spent testing what should already work and gives you peace of mind knowing your applications will scale robustly.


Our object driven web framework allows you to hit the ground running. With over 3 years production quality assurance, we are confident it will help you get where you need to be.

We have a suite of frameworks ready to deliver cutting edge web apps with all of your bespoke features. Our aim was to minimise repetition and get results fast. The framework has been tried and tested for over 3 years now and we're proud to have used it for almost all of our larger projects.


Proud to host and have helped many high volume applications enabling the following:

  • Optimal and efficient hosting via Amazon EC2
  • Redundant storage
  • SSL Installation, setup
  • Zero down time installs
  • Reliable and tested redundant back ups

Other Technologies We Work With

Amazon EC2

Amazon Ec2

Mobile Application Development


PHP web application design

PHP 5.4+
PHP 7+

Javascript specialist with purpose built frameworks


HTML Development and Design


Less / SASS Cascading stylesheet skills


Proficient in all modern databases


Linux, bash architecture professionals


Object-C / Swift proficient

Object C / Swift

BASH linux command line proficient


Server monitoring integration with Server Density

Server Density

Server monitoring with New Relic

New Relic

Advanced and robust REST APIs


Responsive HTML builds for mobile, tablet and desktop

Responsive Designs

Specific and advance location awareness for Locale, language and distance applications

Location Awareness

Face recognition, alignment technologies

Face recognition

We are certifiedCertified

Zend Certification ZCE

Zend Certified

Proud to be certified by Zend for PHP.

Active iOS and Android Developer.

Always using the latest standards via W3c / Zend / AWS.