Ulterium Visuals

Bringing a fresh eye to your digital content

We provide rich media footage and videography

We have a passion for seeing the unseen, saving moments that take more than a blink of an eye to see and opening the senses to the beauty of the world that passes us by every day.


Time Lapse

Show the time taken whilst captivating and holding your audiences attention.


Drone Aerials

Give your project a new perspective, take a fresh look from a different angle.



Provide detailed feedback on hard to reach locations.



Do you have the vision but are lacking the kit? We've got you covered.

Time Lapse

Time lapse is the art of changing ones perspective of time as we know it. Appreciating moments and making time tangible to others.

From motion control, long-term and Hyper lapse we have the equipment to provide your perfect visual.


We have our own high end drones ready to fly in any location we need.

Our video footage is recorded in Ultra High Definition 4K and can be supplied to you as raw or edited footage, depending on your specified requirements.

We use high end professional quadcopters that are heavily tested and pre-setup with multiple lenses for Zoom or Wide Angled shots.

On request we can provide invaluable detail for inspections and survey situations - saving time, money and risk.

Quality First

We capture all our footage in RAW, on full frame Digital SLR Cameras and above. We store every frame for post production grading, editing, and rendering in it's final output at UHD / 4K / 8K.

The equipment we use has been thoroughly tested over time, around the world in conditions ranging from glaciers to deserts.

We have full control of multiple cameras, with synced motion in all axises including Pan, Tilt, and sliding in any direction.

Although we have a wide range of camera kit, our main camera body is the Nikon D810 providing above 4k output with perfect low light performance.

On Location

We have been lucky enough to travel the world doing what we love.

Click the link below to see where we've filmed.

Filmed Locations


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